From the stone-age onwards, hunting has been more than hunting for food. At present people go hunting to make their presence known, move with the tradition, and for passion. There are a lot of places where you can hunt that are present in the world. When you go hunting at any place, it is better to know about the various restrictions on animals you are not supposed to hunt. In the below-given article, we will see more about the various places to go hunting in the United States. We will further see the places in the United States and what animals are hunted the most in that particular region. Without further ado, let us dive right into the article.

Northwestern Montana

The first destination to visit in the United States is Northwestern Montana. This destination is quite famous for hunting down the black bear. This place has a history of hunting down the black bear covering more than 90 percent of chances to spot and hunt down one. If you are not into hunting, just site seeing, there is at least a 95 percent chance that you may encounter with one black beer at least. In Northwestern Montana, you can find the black beer in the regions of the Flathead Lake, Pacific Northwest, and the Glacier National Park as well. These places are favored both by the tourists as well as the hunters.

Northwestern Montana

Idaho County

The next region in the United States known for hunting is none other than the Idaho County. The dense and rugged region makes it suitable for the wild beasts, especially for the mountain lions. Yes, mountain lions are the ones that can be found in abundance in these regions. One can just get in the woods and come back; the passage routes are dangerous and very difficult to access. Only the natives know the routes back and forth. Whatever the difficult situation is, the only pack that doesn’t look back once they step in is the hunters. The people love hunting here due to various reasons and one of the main reasons comprise of availability of food along the pathways.

Oregon’s High Desert

We have reached the third destination, Oregon’s High Desert. The land is famous to hunt down the bighorn sheep. One main note about these sheep is that they are very rare and can be only seen in these deserts. It is considered lucky to at least see these sheep as they are rare and are a very expensive mammal. It is very difficult to see and hunt down these animals as it is difficult and the hunters should have a good physique to handle one.

Oregon's High Desert


In the above-given list, we have seen some of the famous places in the United States that are used for hunting. These are just a few examples of many. If you ever wish to go hunting or just a mere pleasure, we recommend you to go have a fun-venture by visiting these destinations.